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Acidity: Symptoms, Causes, Home remedies and Diet plan in Hindi (GERD, Acid reflux treatment )

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Treatment, Home remedies, and diet chart for Acidity, GERD, and Acid Reflux. असिडिटी के घरेलू उपाय और नुस्खे. असिडिटी और जलन का तुरंत करे इल्लाज़. हार्ट बर्न में कैसे मिले आराम ?

Acid Reflux (Acidity) Symptoms
►Stomach upset: Bloating, nausea, gas, uncomfortable feeling
►Heartburn / सीने मे जलन का एहसास
►Burning feeling in lower throat and mouth cavity
►Regurgitation of food in the throat
►Excessive belching with a sour taste in your mouth / खट्टी डकार आना

GERD Symptoms
►Heartburn / सीने मे जलन का एहसास
►Chest pain / सीने मे दर्द
►Nausea / जी घबराना
►Regurgitation of food in the throat
►Difficulty swallowing / निगलने मे परेशानी होना
►Coughing or wheezing
►Poor appetite or unexpected weight loss

Tips to reduce acidity:
►Avoid fried and fatty foods, chocolate, garlic onions, coffee, spicy foods etc.
►Avoid large gaps between meals
►Eat small meals
►Eat 2 – 3 hours before sleeping
►Avoid consuming water with the meals to avoid bloating
►If the symptoms are severe take medical help
Read the entire article here - https://www.dietburrp.com/home-remedies-for-acidity-and-gerd/

This video talks about :
0:34 - Causes of Acidity
3:03 - Symptoms of Acidity / acid reflux and GERD
3:35 - Home remedies for acidity / Acid reflux / GERD
6:45 - Diet plan links mentioned below
6:48- Simple tips for instant relief in acidity / acid reflux / GERD
8:58 - Diet plan for Acidity / acid reflux / GERD

Important links mentioned in the video
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