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6 Foods That Destroy Your Hormones And Skin

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6 foods that destroy your hormones and skin.
Acne happens to the best of us. Just when you think you’re past that age where you wake up with a few new zits, it happens. Acne later on in life can often be attributed to an imbalance of hormones. Hormonal acne is the result of an endocrine imbalance. Most women experience the effects mid-cycle and/or right before their periods – the two points in the cycle when estrogen and testosterone are both at their highest points. When women can’t process hormones correctly, estrogen and testosterone can accumulate. This prevents the body from being able to detox properly, which can lead to estrogen dominance. The result becomes inflamed skin and acne.

If you suffer from hormonal acne, you’re not alone. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on special creams and soaps, try taking a long, hard look at the foods you eat. What you put into your body will determine the outcome of your skin. The foods you eat can either disrupt your hormones and cause inflammation, or help balance your hormones and soothe irritation.

The Worst Foods for Your Hormones and Skin.

1. Coffee.
All it takes is 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day to stimulate your pituitary gland, which in turn causes an adrenocortical response; i.e. the production of cortisol. Not only is cortisol, otherwise known as the "stress hormone," famous for its proclivity for packing on pounds around the midsection, but it also accelerates the aging process by thinning out your skin.

2. Seafood.
Shellfish like shrimp and lobster are loaded with iodine. Sure, you need a little bit of iodine in your diet to keep your thyroid singing and ward off those pesky goiters, but too much iodine can cause breakouts. Limit your seafood consumption to a couple of times a week and your skin should be in the clear. (And if you're still eating tilapia, you need to kick that habit to the curb for other reasons.)

3. Artificial Coloring.
Yellow, Blue, and Red may add a beautiful hue to your food, but they're anything but healthy. Artificial colorings, mostly made in laboratories, can create inflammation in the body. That inflammation that can manifest on your skin as breakouts, premature aging, or even hives in the form of an allergic reaction.

4. Alcohol.
You may have looked drunk at the bar last Friday, but by Saturday morning you were looking a little worse for wear. Alcohol is dehydrating, which is great for skinny jeans, but bad for crow's feet. When your skin is dehydrated it makes fine lines and wrinkles look more pronounced.

5. Sugar.
Put down the Sour Patch Kids. Too much sugar (and high carbohydrate foods that break down into sugar) can lead to decreased collagen and elastin. The result: you will become less elastic, leading to premature sagging. Remember that yogurts are packed with sugar.

6. Skim Milk.
In 2005, The Harvard Nurse's Study found a connection between skim milk and acne. While there are hormones in all cow's milk that may trigger breakouts, the study found that skim milk drinkers suffer most from unsightly blemishes—possibly because there is a higher amount of bioavailable hormones in skim that haven't been absorbed by fat. Those hormones can stimulate our Sebaceous glands, moving our oil production into high gear.

The Best Foods for Your Hormones and Skin.

1. Avocados.
Avocados contain beta-sitosterol, a substance that has been shown to lower balance hormone levels and decrease inflammation in the body. Adding avocados to your diet can help keep your body healthy and protect your skin from inflammation.

2. Cinnamon.
Cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that work to keep your body healthy. The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon helps balance the body’s hormones.

3. Pomegranates.
Pomegranates have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. They also provide the same estrogens that the female ovaries produce. Adding this fruit to your diet can help reduce mood swings while helping your body fight off inflammation.

4. Turmeric.
Turmeric naturally reduces inflammation, pain, and swelling in the body. Adding turmeric to your meals can help balance your hormones and keep your immune system strong. It’s a great natural remedy for your skin.

5. Chia Seeds.
This gluten-free grain can be added to almost any dish. It’s one of the highest sources of omega-3’s in nature. Chia seeds balance hormones by stabilizing blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity, and easing blood pressure spikes.

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